Planning for a ‘rainy day'

Saving for a ‘rainy day’ is an idiom many of us will know; it is the principle of putting some money aside today for a future time of need. Savings schemes including TRSS play an important part in helping you save for the future, as contributions from every pay plus investment earnings helps grow long-term savings.

Retirement savings are important for the future, though there are also so many benefits to building an emergency savings buffer. Some of these may surprise, though, since they are a lot more about mindset and habits than just having a few hundred dollars socked away for when its time for the car to visit the mechanic. list 10 reasons why we need a cash cushion at all costs – read the full article here.

10 reasons we need a ‘rainy day’ account

1. It frees up our headspace.

2. It helps us weather the storms.

3. It keeps us from crisis borrowing.

4. It lowers our anxiety.

5. It helps our budget breathe.

6. It keeps us on track towards our goals.

7. It allows us to pick the habit.

8. It builds our technique.

9. It’s our gateway to investing.

10. It shows us how much we can achieve over time.

So, if you’ve not got a rainy day fund, why not start? Click here to start your emergency fund with helpful steps from 

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3 August 2021