Frequently asked questions


1. How do I change my contribution rate

To change, suspend or restart your contributions you will need to complete Form 5 - Vary or suspend contributions form which is available on the Documents page. 

This form gives you the option to change, suspend, recommence and the option to also contribute to your KiwiSaver scheme. As of 01 October 2016, lump sum contributions to your account are not available for the TRSS.

Contribution changes are confirmed by the MOE via your pay slips by your pay provider - not Mercer.

Please ensure that you put the whole percentage that you want taken from your salary on the form. For example if your current contribution rate is 5 percent, but you want to add a further 3 percent, you will need to write it as 8 percent on the form. The two types of accounts that members can contribute to are the basic and voluntary account. Your voluntary account can be accessed and withdrawn at any time, whereas your basic account has limitations.

Please refer to the below contribution table for your withdrawal options:

The limit on changing contribution levels is 3 times per year (unless the Ministry of Education approves any further changes).

If you are a subsidised member (i.e. your employer is contributing to the scheme on your behalf), you can choose to contribute any percentage of your salary with a minimum of 1% and any multiple of 0.5%. (For example, 2.5% or 3% but not 2.75%.) Your contributions up to 3% of your salary are allocated to your Basic Account. Contributions in excess of 3% of your salary are classified as voluntary contributions and allocated to your Voluntary Account. If you are an unsubsidised member (i.e. your employer is not contributing to the scheme on your behalf) and you joined your current school on or after 1 July 2007, the minimum member contribution is 4% of your salary. You may contribute more, which must be a multiple of 0.5% of your salary. All member contributions must be made through payroll.